About counselling


People come for counselling for all kinds of reasons. Some people are trying to understand how events that have happened in the past have affected them.  Others may have had difficult issues to deal with such as bereavement or a divorce.  It might be that they are finding life hard at the moment due to stress or anxiety.


Our relationship is built on trust so it is important for you to know that everything that is said within the counselling room is held in strictest confidence. All notes are kept anonymous and are securely stored. However, there are just a few things that I cannot promise to keep confidential and these are the following: 

Contravening the Children's Act (1992) or the Prevention of Terrorism Act or if I felt that a client planned to harm someone else or themselves. Wherever possible I would do this in consultation with the client.


Our first session is an opportunity to assess whether we both feel that we can work together. It is a chance for you to express your feelings about counselling and any questions you may have about the process and the way in which I work. We will discuss practical issues like cost, number and suitable time of sessions. If you're happy to work together then I will ask you to complete a short form and sign it to show that you are in agreement with what we have discussed.

Ending our work together

Endings and farewells are very important so we will plan towards ending with as much notice as possible giving you the opportunity to reflect on the things we have discussed and planning towards the future. In long term work of over 3 months it is usually best to have one month to work towards ending.

Fees & Cancellations

I charge £50 per session which last 50 minutes each. We will agree a number of sessions early on in our work together so that you have plenty of notice.  I will present you will an invoice at the end of each session to pay the following session. It is important that you attend on time as I am unable to extend the session.  If you need to cancel please let me know, 24 hours in advance if at all possible.  If you miss a session without reasonable notice I will need to charge you for that session.